M doing civil engg from distance education 1st year completed from mdu university cuold i apply for job?
2013-05-30 04:32:58 UTC
i hav completed 1st year of civil engg degree from mahatma gandhi university, could i apply for job in construction company while completing further studies ???
plz help me
Three answers:
2013-05-30 04:37:37 UTC
Yes you could but as you have only compleated the first year of university you may have only a basic to medium wage.

You could also get trained on the job by some expierienced engineers.

You may have minimal jobs on the site but I would advise you to do it for the expierience and knowledge you are gaining from it rather than the money you will earn.
2016-08-08 01:34:02 UTC
If you need the job this is what you're going to do son: find out the manager's schedule and go everyday even as he's working and ask him for a job. If he says he is now not hiring that a just right thing. Keep persistent, and he'll rent you in the end. Dress well at any time when you go. Make sure your rocking a recent reduce and are well shaved in case you got facial hair. Be certain your not carrying garments that call too much awareness or look like a road cat. Act and talk with self belief. Ask the manager if he is hiring and if he says no, do not simply leave. Be like "No? I desire a job, believe me i would work." i hope you get the concept. Be persuasive. Ask the manager for a quantity you could reach him. The more questions you ask in regards to the job the simpler are your probabilities. He could hate you to start with but in the end he'll liking you. That's how i did it. And incidentally f**k McDonalds for laying me off. I work at a pharmacy now.
2013-05-30 05:41:29 UTC
you have just completed 1st year. it means you are yet to qualify as engineer. how can you apply as an engineer? its a common-sense.

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